ASVAB Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (#50)

Section: Paragraph comprehension

Genetics is a branch of science dealing with heredity. The field is concerned with how genes operate and the way genes are transmitted to offspring. Subdivisions in the field include cytogenetics, which is the study of the cellular basis of inheritance; microbial genetics, the study of inheritance in microbes; molecular genetics, the study of the biochemical foundation of inheritance; and human genetics, the study of how people inherit traits that are medically and socially important. Genetic counselors are primarily concerned with human genetics. They advise couples and families on the chances of their offspring having specific genetic defects. According to the passage above, it's reasonable to assume that genetic counseling:

is restricted to the very rich
is used to diagnose diseases
can be used by parents to learn if their offspring are likely to inherit a disease one of the parents has
can be used by parents to prevent their offspring from inheriting a specific genetic defect