ASVAB Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (#18)

Section: Paragraph comprehension

The process by which the Roman legions came to serve so far from the Roman army's birthplace began in earnest during the Punic wars with Carthage. The Phoenician colony first clashed with the Romans when Rome's success in subduing its Italian neighbors drew it south to Sicily, which Carthage regarded as within its sphere of influence. In 265 B.C., after Rome's expensive victory over Pyrrhus, Rome and Carthage found themselves at war over Sicily. The war rapidly extended by both land and sea until the Carthaginians had to admit defeat and allow the establishment of Roman control over the island. Rome soon after added Corsica and Sardinia to these beginnings of its overseas empire. What area were the Romans and Carthaginians fighting over in 265 B.C.?