AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty (#76)

An AWS CloudFormation template is being used to create a VPC peering connection between two existing operational VPCs, each belonging to a different AWS account. All necessary components in the


(receiving) account are already in place.

The template below creates the VPC peering connection in the Originating account. It contains these components:

AWSTemplateFormation Version: 2010-09-09 Parameters: Originating VCId: Type: String RemoteVPCId: Type: String RemoteVPCAccountId: Type: String Resources: newVPCPeeringConnection: Type: ‘AWS::EC2::VPCPeeringConnection’ Properties: VpcdId: !Ref OriginatingVPCId PeerVpcId: !Ref RemoteVPCId PeerOwnerId: !Ref RemoteVPCAccountId

Which additional AWS CloudFormation components are necessary in

the Originating

account to create an operational cross-account VPC peering connection with AWS CloudFormation? (Select two.)

Resources: NewEC2SecurityGroup: Type: AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup
Resources: NetworkInterfaceToRemoteVPC: Type: “AWS::EC2NetworkInterface”
Resources: newEC2Route: Type: AWS::EC2::Route
Resources: VPCGatewayToRemoteVPC: Type: “AWS::EC2::VPCGatewayAttachment”
Resources: newVPCPeeringConnection: Type: ‘AWS::EC2VPCPeeringConnection’ PeerRoleArn: !Ref PeerRoleArn