AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty (#60)

You deploy your Internet-facing application is the us-west-2(Oregon) region. To manage this application and upload content from your corporate network, you have a 1–Gbps AWS Direct Connect connection with a private virtual interface via one of the associated Direct Connect locations. In normal operation, you use approximately 300 Mbps of the available bandwidth, which is more than your Internet connection from the corporate network. You need to deploy another identical instance of the application is us-east-1(N Virginia) as soon as possible. You need to use the benefits of Direct Connect. Your design must be the most effective solution regarding cost, performance, and time to deploy. Which design should you choose?

Use the inter-region capabilities of Direct Connect to establish a private virtual interface from us-west-2 Direct Connect location to the new VPC in us-east-1.
Deploy an IPsec VPN over your corporate Internet connection to us-east-1 to provide access to the new VPC.
Use the inter-region capabilities of Direct Connect to deploy an IPsec VPN over a public virtual interface to the new VPC in us-east-1.
Use VPC peering to connect the existing VPC in us-west-2 to the new VPC in us-east-1, and then route traffic over Direct Connect and transit the peering connection.