AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty (#70)

An organization is using a VPC endpoint for Amazon S3. When the security group rules for a set of instances were initially configured, access was restricted to allow traffic only to the IP addresses of the Amazon S3 API endpoints in the region from the published JSON file. The application was working properly, but now is logging a growing number of timeouts when connecting with Amazon S3. No internet gateway is configured for the VPC. Which solution will fix the connectivity failures with the LEAST amount of effort?

Create a Lambda function to update the security group based on AmazonIPSpaceChanged notifications.
Update the VPC routing to direct Amazon S3 prefix-list traffic to the VPC endpoint using the route table APIs.
Update the application server’s outbound security group to use the prefix-list for Amazon S3 in the same region.
Create an additional VPC endpoint for Amazon S3 in the same route table to scale the concurrent connections to Amazon.