AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty (#12)

A company is building a new application in AWS. The architect needs to design a system to collect application log events. The design should be a repeatable pattern that minimizes data loss if an application instance fails, and keeps a durable copy of a log data for at least 30 days. What is the simplest architecture that will allow the architect to analyze the logs?

Write them directly to a Kinesis Firehose. Configure Kinesis Firehose to load the events into an Amazon Redshift cluster for analysis.
Write them to a file on Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Write an AWS Lambda function that runs in response to the S3 event to load the events into Amazon Elasticsearch Service for analysis.
Write them to the local disk and configure the Amazon CloudWatch Logs agent to load the data into CloudWatch Logs and subsequently into Amazon Elasticsearch Service.
Write them to CloudWatch Logs and use an AWS Lambda function to load them into HDFS on an Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) cluster for analysis.