AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty (#62)

A customer is collecting clickstream data using Amazon Kinesis and is grouping the events by IP address into 5-minute chunks stored in Amazon S3. Many analysts in the company use Hive on Amazon EMR to analyze this data. Their queries always reference a single IP address. Data must be optimized for querying based on IP address using Hive running on Amazon EMR. What is the most efficient method to query the data with Hive?

Store an index of the files by IP address in the Amazon DynamoDB metadata store for EMRFS.
Store the Amazon S3 objects with the following naming scheme: bucket_name/source=ip_address/year=yy/month=mm/day=dd/hour=hh/filename.
Store the data in an HBase table with the IP address as the row key.
Store the events for an IP address as a single file in Amazon S3 and add metadata with keys: Hive_Partitioned_IPAddress.