AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty (#64)

An organization is soliciting public feedback through a web portal that has been deployed to track the number of requests and other important data. As part of reporting and visualization, AmazonQuickSight connects to an Amazon RDS database to virtualize data. Management wants to understand some important metrics about feedback and how the feedback has changed over the last four weeks in a visual representation. What would be the MOST effective way to represent multiple iterations of an analysis in Amazon QuickSight that would show how the data has changed over the last four weeks?

Use the analysis option for data captured in each week and view the data by a date range.
Use a pivot table as a visual option to display measured values and weekly aggregate data as a row dimension.
Use a dashboard option to create an analysis of the data for each week and apply filters to visualize the data change.
Use a story option to preserve multiple iterations of an analysis and play the iterations sequentially.