AWS Certified Developer Associate (#69)

A company is using AWS CodePipeline to deliver one of its applications. The delivery pipeline is triggered by changes to the master branch of an AWS CodeCommit repository and uses AWS CodeBuild to implement the test and build stages of the process and AWS CodeDeploy to deploy the application. The pipeline has been operating successfully for several months and there have been no modifications. Following a recent change to the application’s source code, AWS CodeDeploy has not deployed the updates application as expected. What are the possible causes? (Choose two.)

The change was not made in the master branch of the AWS CodeCommit repository.
One of the earlier stages in the pipeline failed and the pipeline has terminated.
One of the Amazon EC2 instances in the company’s AWS CodePipeline cluster is inactive.
The AWS CodePipeline is incorrectly configured and is not executing AWS CodeDeploy.
AWS CodePipeline does not have permissions to access AWS CodeCommit.