AWS Certified Security - Specialty (#93)

A company has two AWS accounts, each containing one VPC. The first VPC has a VPN connection with its corporate network. The second VPC, without a VPN, hosts an Amazon Aurora database cluster in private subnets. Developers manage the Aurora database from a bastion host in a public subnet as shown in the image.

A security review has flagged this architecture as vulnerable, and a Security Engineer has been asked to make this design more secure. The company has a short deadline and a second VPN connection to the Aurora account is not possible. How can a Security Engineer securely set up the bastion host?

Move the bastion host to the VPC with VPN connectivity. Create a VPC peering relationship between the bastion host VPC and Aurora VPC.
Create a SSH port forwarding tunnel on the Developer’s workstation to the bastion host to ensure that only authorized SSH clients can access the bastion host.
Move the bastion host to the VPC with VPN connectivity. Create a cross-account trust relationship between the bastion VPC and Aurora VPC, and update the Aurora security group for the relationship.
Create an AWS Direct Connect connection between the corporate network and the Aurora account, and adjust the Aurora security group for this connection.