AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional (#391)

AnyCompany has acquired numerous companies over the past few years. The CIO for AnyCompany would like to keep the resources for each acquired company separate. The CIO also would like to enforce a chargeback model where each company pays for the AWS services it uses. The Solutions Architect is tasked with designing an AWS architecture that allows AnyCompany to achieve the following:

Implementing a detailed chargeback mechanism to ensure that each company pays for the resources it uses.

AnyCompany can pay for AWS services for all its companies through a single invoice.

Developers in each acquired company have access to resources in their company only.

Developers in an acquired company should not be able to affect resources in their company only.

A single identity store is used to authenticate Developers across all companies.

Which of the following approaches would meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

Create a multi-account strategy with an account per company. Use consolidated billing to ensure that AnyCompany needs to pay a single bill only.
Create a multi-account strategy with a virtual private cloud (VPC) for each company. Reduce impact across companies by not creating any VPC peering links. As everything is in a single account, there will be a single invoice. Use tagging to create a detailed bill for each company.
Create IAM users for each Developer in the account to which they require access. Create policies that allow the users access to all resources in that account. Attach the policies to the IAM user.
Create a federated identity store against the company’s Active Directory. Create IAM roles with appropriate permissions and set the trust relationships with AWS and the identity store. Use AWS STS to grant users access based on the groups they belong to in the identity store.
Create a multi-account strategy with an account per company. For billing purposes, use a tagging solution that uses a tag to identify the company that creates each resource.