AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional (#477)

AWS has launched T2 instances which come with CPU usage credit. An organization has a requirement which keeps an instance running for 24 hours. However, the organization has high usage only during 11 AM to 12 PM. The organization is planning to use a T2 small instance for this purpose. If the organization already has multiple instances running since Jan 2012, which of the below mentioned options should the organization implement while launching a T2 instance?

The organization must migrate to the EC2-VPC platform first before launching a T2 instance.
While launching a T2 instance the organization must create a new AWS account as this account does not have the EC2-VPC platform.
Create a VPC and launch a T2 instance as part of one of the subnets of that VPC.
While launching a T2 instance the organization must select EC2-VPC as the platform.