AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional (#40)

A company wants to replace its call center

system with a solution built using AWS managed services. The company call center would like the solution to receive calls, create contact flows, and scale to handle growth projections. The call center would also like the solution to use deep learning capabilities to recognize the intent of the callers and handle basic tasks, reducing the need to speak an agent. The solution should also be able to query business applications and provide relevant information back to callers as requested.

Which services should the Solutions Architect use to build this solution? (Choose three.)

Amazon Rekognition to identity who is calling.
Amazon Connect to create a cloud-based contact center.
Amazon Alexa for Business to build conversational interface.
AWS Lambda to integrate with internal systems.
Amazon Lex to recognize the intent of the caller.
Amazon SQS to add incoming callers to a queue.