AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional (#160)

A company has a web service deployed in the following two AWS Regions: us-west-2 and us-est-1. Each AWS region runs an identical version of the web service. Amazon Route 53 is used to route customers to the AWS Region that has the lowest latency. The company wants to improve the availability of the web service in case an outage occurs in one of the two AWS Regions. A Solutions Architect has recommended that a Route 53 health check be performed. The health check must detect a specific text on an endpoint. What combination of conditions should the endpoint meet to pass the Route 53 health check? (Choose two.)

The endpoint must establish a TCP connection within 10 seconds.
The endpoint must return an HTTP 200 status code.
The endpoint must return an HTTP 2xx or 3xx status code.
The specific text string must appear within the first 5,120 bytes of the response.
The endpoint must respond to the request within the number of seconds specified when creating the health check.