AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional (#176)

A company’s data center is connected to the AWS Cloud over a minimally used 10-Gbps AWS Direct Connect connection with a private virtual interface to its virtual private cloud (VPC). The company internet connection is 200 Mbps, and the company has a 150-TB dataset that is created each Friday. The data must be transferred and available in Amazon S3 on Monday morning. Which is the LEAST expensive way to meet the requirements while allowing for data transfer growth?

Order two 80-GB AWS Snowball appliances. Offload the data to the appliances and ship them to AWS. AWS will copy the data from the Snowball appliances to Amazon S3.
Create a VPC endpoint for Amazon S3. Copy the data to Amazon S3 by using the VPC endpoint, forcing the transfer to use the Direct Connect connection.
Create a VPC endpoint for Amazon S3. Set up a reverse proxy farm behind a Classic Load Balancer in the VPC. Copy the data to Amazon S3 using the proxy.
Create a public virtual interface on a Direct Connect connection, and copy the data to Amazon S3 over the connection.