AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional (#83)

An online e-commerce business is running a workload on AWS. The application architecture includes a web tier, an application tier for business logic, and a database tier for user and transactional data management. The database server has a 100 GB memory requirement. The business requires cost-efficient disaster recovery for the application with an RTO of 5 minutes and an RPO of 1 hour. The business also has a regulatory for out-of region disaster recovery with a minimum distance between the primary and alternate sites of 250 miles. Which of the following options can the Solutions Architect design to create a comprehensive solution for this customer that meets the disaster recovery requirements?

Back up the application and database data frequently and copy them to Amazon S3. Replicate the backups using S3 cross-region replication, and use AWS CloudFormation to instantiate infrastructure for disaster recovery and restore data from Amazon S3.
Employ a pilot light environment in which the primary database is configured with mirroring to build a standby database on m4.large in the alternate region. Use AWS CloudFormation to instantiate the web servers, application servers and load balancers in case of a disaster to bring the application up in the alternate region. Vertically resize the database to meet the full production demands, and use Amazon Route 53 to switch traffic to the alternate region.
Use a scaled-down version of the fully functional production environment in the alternate region that includes one instance of the web server, one instance of the application server, and a replicated instance of the database server in standby mode. Place the web and the application tiers in an Auto Scaling behind a load balancer, which can automatically scale when the load arrives to the application. Use Amazon Route 53 to switch traffic to the alternate region.
Employ a multi-region solution with fully functional web, application, and database tiers in both regions with equivalent capacity. Activate the primary database in one region only and the standby database in the other region. Use Amazon Route 53 to automatically switch traffic from one region to another using health check routing policies.