AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional (#204)

You are responsible for a legacy web application whose server environment is approaching end of life You would like to migrate this application to AWS as quickly as possible, since the application environment currently has the following limitations:

The VM's single 10GB VMDK is almost full;

Me virtual network interface still uses the 10Mbps driver, which leaves your 100Mbps WAN connection completely underutilized;

It is currently running on a highly customized. Windows VM within a VMware environment;

You do not have me installation media;

This is a mission critical application with an RTO (Recovery Time Objective) of 8 hours. RPO (Recovery Point Objective) of 1 hour. How could you best migrate this application to AWS while meeting your business continuity requirements?

Use the EC2 VM Import Connector for vCenter to import the VM into EC2.
Use Import/Export to import the VM as an ESS snapshot and attach to EC2.
Use S3 to create a backup of the VM and restore the data into EC2.
Use me ec2-bundle-instance API to Import an Image of the VM into EC2