AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional (#151)

The Solutions Architect manages a serverless application that consists of multiple API gateways, AWS Lambda functions, Amazon S3 buckets, and Amazon DynamoDB tables. Customers say that a few application components slow while loading dynamic images, and some are timing out with the “504 Gateway Timeout” error. While troubleshooting the scenario, the Solutions Architect confirms that DynamoDB monitoring metrics are at acceptable levels. Which of the following steps would be optimal for debugging these application issues? (Choose two.)

Parse HTTP logs in Amazon API Gateway for HTTP errors to determine the root cause of the errors.
Parse Amazon CloudWatch Logs to determine processing times for requested images at specified intervals.
Parse VPC Flow Logs to determine if there is packet loss between the Lambda function and S3.
Parse AWS X-Ray traces and analyze HTTP methods to determine the root cause of the HTTP errors.
Parse S3 access logs to determine if objects being accessed are from specific IP addresses to narrow the scope to geographic latency issues.