CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate (#810)

Section: Version 2.0

Instructions This item contains several questions that you must answer. You can view these questions by clicking on the corresponding button to the left. Changing questions can be accomplished by clicking the numbers to the left question. In order to complete the questions, you will need to refer to the topology. To gain access to the topology, click on the topology button of the screen. When you have finished viewing the topology, you can return to your questions by clicking on the Questions button to the left. Each of the windows can be minimized by clicking on the [-]. You can also reposition a window by dragging it by the title bar. Scenario Refer to the topology. The diagram represents a small network with a single connection to the Internet.

When a packet is sent from Host 1 to Server 1, in how many different frames will the packet be encapsulated as it is sent across the internetwork?