Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH v2-0) (#482)

A company has the following network infrastructure. (Refer to the exhibit.)

Router A is a GLBP active virtual gateway with priority level set to 250. Routers B and C are configured with the default GLPB configurations. The configuration of the active virtual gateway needs to be changed such that if the AVG fails, Router C should be elected to be used as an active virtual gateway. As the network administrator, you have been asked to make corresponding changes to the configuration. Which command would you use for this purpose on Router C, and where would the command be configured?

glbp 10 preempt (on Router B)
glbp 10 preempt (on Router C)
glbp 10 priority 200 (on Router B)
glbp 10 priority 200 (on Router C)